Types of Tie-Dye Patterns.

July 01, 2022

Types of Tie-Dye Patterns. - Baci Fashion

Tie-dye can be done in various patterns with a variety of dyeing techniques. Some patterns require little to no craft experience to replicate. However, there are certain patterns that require some tutorial or lesson for a beginner before they can be achieved. Compared to fine art, painting, sculpting, and other art forms, tie-dye is very welcoming to newcomers. There is no right or wrong result, and even a mistake may turn out to be a lovely pattern. There are several folding techniques that determine the outcome of the dye. There are easy folding techniques/ tie-dye patterns like the fanfold, crumple, and spiral. Here are some other pattern techniques you can try.

The bull's eye pattern

This tie-dye pattern clothing looks like a bull's eye or target. You can achieve this design by laying the plain white T-shirt flat, pinching the shirt's center, and using rubber bands to tie both layers about an inch from the center. Keep applying rubber bands one inch apart from each other then you can immerse them in your dye solution for results. The bull's eye pattern is an easy but lovely design popular in the tie-dye clothing industry.

Diagonal stripe pattern

This pattern is pretty unique and easy to achieve with vibrant and beautiful colors. It forms multiple diagonal stripes across the shirt. You can achieve it by laying the plain shirt flat and folding it from the bottom corner (accordion-style). Once it's folded, wrap it in rubber bands all the way around the clothing. The end product is a subtle but edgy design.

Nebula pattern

Almost every young kid that loves colors owns a nebula pattern tie-dye shirt. To create this pattern, wet the shirt thoroughly and lay it flat. Next, scrunch and wrinkle it up with your hands and gather it to a tight form. Wrap in a star design with rubber bands. The tighter you wrap it, the whiter the spot will be when the results are out.

Polka dot pattern

The polka dot pattern is one that is famous in the fashion industry. Gather up some dried beans or plastic beads. Cut up a plastic wrap or nylon into squares that are bigger than the beads. Place a bead or bean inside the shirt and put a plastic wrap over the shirt. Tie up the spot with the plastic and rubber band. Repeat the process on other bead spots, then wet the tee and dye it.