A Buying Guide for a Button-up Cardigan Sweater for Women

November 11, 2021

A Buying Guide for a Button-up Cardigan Sweater for Women - Baci Fashion

When the sweater season is upon you, no look is complete without a cardigan sweater. The ribbed button-up cardigan sweater was popularized in the 1900s by Coco Chanel, who often wore them with her knee-length, tweed skirt ensembles. Since then, the button-up sweater has become a wardrobe staple for women of all ages.

A women's button-up cardigan sweater can be worn with many different outfits throughout the year. It is an exceptional layering piece and is commonly seen paired over blouses for work or play. Here is a guide to buying the perfect one for you.

Thin/lighter sweater and thick sweater

You usually find lighter and think sweater. For example, a lighter-weight cardigan will be breathable during warmer months, but it may not be warm enough during the winter months.

On the other hand, a thicker sweater can keep you warm in cold weather but is generally two to three times thicker than a lighter weight option, so it may not be ideal for layering over blouses or dresses throughout warmer seasons.


When choosing a sweater, you need to keep your general wardrobe in mind to select the correct length. A ribbed button-up cardigan sweater that hits at the hip or slightly above is best for layering over blouses and dresses, while a longer coat that ends between mid-thigh and knee is appropriate for wearing with pants.


To ensure you pick out a flattering sweater, be sure to look for one that fits your body type and style preferences. If you prefer fitted sweaters with no excess fabric, look for slim styles with little to no room between the buttons. If you like a more relaxed fit, try looser styles that are not too tight or bulky.


If you want to wear your sweater for business casual occasions, opt for classic colors like black, gray, and brown in traditional designs with minimal embellishments like pockets or lapels.

Choose brighter colors and patterns for everyday casual wear, or opt for thick styles with a shawl collar in a women's ribbed button-up cardigan sweater. For an updated look, try jackets with interesting designs like asymmetrical zippers and ruffles.


The fabric determines the thickness of a sweater. The most common fabrics for sweaters include wool, cotton, and viscose blends.

For warmer months or layering purposes, choose lighter-weight options like cotton or cotton/polyester blend cardigans. For comfort, choose a blend with polyamide, viscose, and polyester that stays soft on your skin.

For colder months, choose heavier-weight cardigans made from wool, acrylic, or cashmere blends.

When buying a women's ribbed button-up cardigan sweater, keep your wardrobe and personal style in mind. You can find sweaters made from various materials and designed to fit different body types and styles.