Advantages of Sustainable Dye Clothing

June 29, 2022

Advantages of Sustainable Dye Clothing - Baci Fashion

Most of the clothing worn today is colored using synthetic dye. The issue with these is that raw materials like crude oil are used for its production, and there are added chemicals that can be very toxic to our bodies and the environment. However, people have talked more about sustainable dye clothing and its benefits to the environment in recent times. The textile industry has been rated the second most polluting industry worldwide, and synthetic dye contributes largely to water pollution. Non-biodegradable and petroleum-based colorants used to dye textiles cause pollution and are toxic to the environment and humans.

On the other hand, sustainable clothing refers to clothing that is designed, distributed, and manufactured using natural and organic materials that are environmental-friendly. In the sustainable fashion industry, the working condition at the factories are fair, and pollution is reduced as much as possible. Here are a few reasons you should choose sustainable dye for your clothing.

  • Natural dye clothing brands offer multiple color possibilities. It provides subtle and unique shades of colors that cannot be imitated synthetically. You can achieve unique color shades that haven’t been produced before. Natural colors tend to evolve with time and under different circumstances. For instance, the shade may change under the sun or shade. Plant colors form a unique and smooth blend.

  • Choosing sustainable clothing and natural dye is choosing the environment. Natural dye is not harmful to the environment because it is 100% natural and comes from renewable sources. The dye used for sustainable clothing is mostly from minerals, plants, insects, and fruits. Natural dye doesn’t consume as much water as synthetic dyes, and the dye can be reused multiple times. For example, natural indigo vat can last for months, and you only need to refresh it with suitable ingredients.

  • Sustainable clothing is safe and gentle on the skin, and this makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Most synthetic clothes can pose a threat to the skin, especially baby skin, which is the most sensitive. It isn’t completely safe to use any synthetic clothing for your baby and yourself if you have sensitive skin. Synthetic clothing has carcinogenic properties which are harmful and dangerous for your skin and overall health.

  • Ingredients used in dyeing sustainable dye clothing are biodegradable and safe for the environment. Natural dye also has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties. It also offers a healthy level of UV absorption in fabrics in which they are used.