How to Know the Right Colors to Wear?

July 11, 2022

How to Know the Right Colors to Wear? - Baci Fashion

Dressing chic and classy every other day is quite hard if you don't know what colors to put on. While most people sometimes go with random colors, which might end up making them look like a clown or the other way around depending on their skin tone, others tend to pick their colors carefully. To appear presentable and nice every other day, you need to know how to pick the right colors of clothes for you. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Know your skin tone

This is the first step in picking the right colors for you. Skin tones determine what colors you should wear and the ones you should ignore. To know your skin tone, you could examine your veins or do a white paper test right in the comfort of your home. After doing this, then you can go on to shop for clothes with colors that would match your skin tone on the online women's clothing store.

Shop clothes that suit your skin tone

Different skin tones go well with different colors. Although some colors like the colors black and white are universal to all skin tones, others aren't. Some skin tones and the colors they Favour include:

1: Summer; lilac, pale blue, and pastel colors
2: Winter: blue and pink
3: Spring: Orange and yellow
4: Autumn: deep colors

Remember, there is no formula to knowing the exact color your skin needs, so while shopping at Italian boutiques online, you can simply pick clothes that would give a nice contrast.

Look in the mirror

Whether you are shopping at a physical or online women's clothing store, you need to always check the mirror. Although some Italian boutiques online sometimes help you to make the right choice by suggesting some colors for different skin tones, this is not always correct.

If you are shopping at an online store, you should do a mirror check when the package gets delivered. While anyone may suggest colors that may suit your skin tones, the mirror gives you a picture of how you would like when you put on any color.


Knowing the right colors to wear could simply make a difference between someone looking classy and stylish and someone looking out of place. Once you've mastered the right colors, you ought to wear, buying the right clothes for you becomes much easier.