How to style oversized dresses?

July 26, 2022

How to style oversized dresses? - Baci Fashion

Nowadays, it is quite common to see one or two people wearing oversized outfits. It's the 21st century, and oversized or baggy fashion, as it is also called, is the new trend. Everyone wants to be comfy when they take a walk or go to work, and oversized dresses are just the type of clothes to give anyone that.

Although baggy clothes are the new trend, not everyone knows how to dress to match this trend. To help you style your oversized dresses, here are a few tips

  • Wear them with accessories to define your shape

Wearing a cotton or linen oversized dress could keep your shape out of focus. Although, you probably know that since oversized dresses would always look pick. To bring your shape into focus even while you are on an oversized dress, you can make use of a belt around your waist. This way, you can maintain your oversized fashion without looking awkward.

  • Balance the outfit

Wearing a baggy top or cotton oversized dress requires you to wear slim jeans or leggings to balance the outfit. When everything is all baggy, you might not look as good as you want as you would see in the mirror. To keep your outfit balanced, you could simply wear fitted tops with baggy trousers or the other way round. Whichever way you choose, remember balance has to be attained.

  • Wear some jewelry

Jewelry is always a great addition to any outfit, and it is no different in the case of cotton or linen oversized dresses too. If you're looking to wear an oversized dress, you can simply wear some hoop earrings to match, a bracelet, and a chain. This brings out that classy look that's almost perfect without insinuating that you are doing or wearing too much.

  • Wear nice footwear to match

You could simply wear some leather slippers, sandals, or even sneakers, although sneakers can be a bit tricky with oversized cotton dresses. Without good footwear to match, you might look a bit out of place with your oversized dress, so do well to pick your footwear wisely.


In addition to these, you can simply check the internet for pictures of how to style oversized dresses. With dressing styles to adopt, you should have no problem styling your dress too. After putting on your entire outfit, never forget to check yourself in the mirror before stepping out.