Military Chic

_MG_2749 Camouflage print is a part of the military trend. The is trend is gaining more and more popularity on the runways with designers preferring a steady diet of their modern iterations.  Casual street style loves camo print. Lately, Camo has become a new neutral thriving from season to season.

This Fall in particular, Baci has camo pieces everywhere in collection for anytime of day. Start your day in our camo jogger, a bold substitute for your basic blue jeans topped with one of our dramatic tops to match. We have two favorite jackets, one extra long classic camo, the other a cropped water color version.

Lastly, master camo layering injected with a feminine edge with our unique camo tulle midi skirt and spaghetti strap dress with camo overlay.To ramp up the feminine camo touch, the secret is in accessories – Yes! You can even wear a casual camo jacket outfit elegantly. Wear it over a dress or a skirt and accessorize with elegant strappy sandals or ankle boots. You can also try the semi-professional look by pairing a camo print jacket with tailored pants and chunky heels.

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