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Colors of Fall

Baci_graphic_072817This fall, the hot colors are inspired by fall’s warmth – with a some surprising standout hues. As expected from a fall color palette there will be plenty of warm colors such as Navy Peony, Neutral Grey, Butterum and Tawny Port, all which give off a cozy vibe. Things are looking a little more vivid, though – splashy tones in pale pink, lime green and a bright blue will also be prevalent.

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Style Must Haves: linen dresses and tunics


Linen is our favorite summer fabric; it keeps us cool on those scorching hot days. We’ve picked our favorite linen pieces from our summer collection that we can’t stop wearing.

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Spice up your Weekend with Boozy Popsicles


As a kid, there is very little that a popsicle didn't make better. Continue reading

Top 5 Mediterranean Beach Destinations


Is it the turquoise warm waters or the soft, luxurious sand that make beaches so desirable? Continue reading

8 Amazing July 4th Getaways


Head to these top destinations to celebrate the long weekend in style. From relaxing on a beach to exploring a city, we've picked spots that will satisfy any wanderlust. Continue reading

Vacation Wardrobe Picks


Summer is about to be in full swing and that can only mean one thing: Vacation! Baci has curated your perfect "vacay" wardrobe for wherever you go and for any occasion.

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Florence, Italy-The City of Lilies


A few words about Florence, from Baci's own head of production Roy Rutenberg. Continue reading

Get Your Linen On


Light, cooling and easy to wear, our favorite fabric of the season is none other than linen! Continue reading

Tie Dyes to Die For


Tie dyes are all the rage this season and we designed a large range of them for you in a variety of fabrics and silhouettes!

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Batia Rutenberg, the designer behind the brand


This is the story of Batia Rutenberg, the international designer that travels today between Milan and Florence, Tel Aviv and New York and responsible for everything Baci. Continue reading