Each of Baci’s pieces of women’s clothing is made from only the best garments with natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool and leather. Our revolving collection of women’s fashion is most known for its relaxed approach, gentle fabrics and soft colors. We are truly an Italian brand for women who know quality and European style. Designed and manufactured in Italy but headquartered in Dumbo, Brooklyn in New York City our philosophy is a mix between the fast pace of NYC with the elegance of Italian clothing.

Our collection of women’s shirts, dresses, tunics, jackets, sweaters and bottoms are all designed and curated by Batia – aka Baci – Rutenberg, a long time international fashion designer. The word Baci is Italian for kisses which represents our brand perfectly because of the soft drape of our designs that effortlessly fall across the body like a bunch of soft kisses. By using only the softest and highest quality materials our collections are always in style. The summer collections feature light pastel colors and a carefree vibe that carries out into each of our pieces and our winter collections always include cozy knits made of the finest Italian wools and wool blends. Our soft women’s clothing line can be found in specialty boutiques across the US as well as in some high-end locations around the world.

Our relaxed and heavenly soft women’s clothing is ideal for women looking for that relaxed look but want to still look chic at a fine restaurant. Whether you are looking for a silk tunic, a cozy hooded coat, a vintage jacket or an original denim jacket, Baci always strives to create an exciting and engaging online shopping experience. Try several of our high quality and European styled women’s clothing today; you can thank us later.